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Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam
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Tobacco use
Alcohol consumption
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Assitance to/protection of vulnerable populations
Health inequalities indicators
Social determinants
Health inequalities
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Project that aims to improve the description of health inequalities in Europe and to enhanve the evidence-base for policies to reduce inequalities in health. 
The specific objectives:
1. To develop health inequalities indicators, and to provide bench-marking data on inequalities in health and health determinants to participating countries
2. To assess evidence on the effectiveness of policies and interventions to tackle the determinants of health inequalities, and to make recommendations on strategies for reducing health inequalities in participating countries
3. To disseminate the results, and to develop a proposal for a permanent European clearing house on tackling health inequalities.

Participating Institutions
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Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe: An integrated Approach
Updated on 04 December 2021